GradSiren - Cookie Policy

Last Updated on 1st April, 2018

Cookie Policy and Advertisements

This cookie policy describes how cookies are used on the GradSiren website.


Cookies are small data bits that are filed away on your computer or device each time you visit a web page. We use cookies, as well as web beacons, mobile identifiers of locally shared objects, i.e., flash cookies and similar technologies to identify you in GradSiren. This is meant to improve performance on the website, as well as to display relevant promotional materials.

When do we utilize Cookies?

We can set cookies when you visit GradSiren. Other websites may also use these cookies when you visit them. Once you create an account with GradSiren, we may link the information stored in cookies with other acquired information. The provision of your data via cookies is voluntary.

Types of Cookies We Use

We use session cookies which remain on your device until you transfer them from GradSiren. We also use a persistent cookie, which remains on your device until you delete them manually.

What Cookies are Used for

They transmit information about you and your interaction with GradSiren. This includes browser type, job name, search settings, display data, dates and times used. They can be linked to unique information, such as information you provided while creating your account. However, they do not link to your contact info.