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Last Updated on 1st April, 2018



Your Account

You need a valid email address to create an account. In case we cannot communicate with you through this email address, your content could be rejected along with the possibility of deleting the account. Keep in mind that you must guarantee the security of your password. If you believe there has been unauthorized access to your account, Contact Us immediately.

Using GradSiren

Third-Party links and Content on GradSiren

This website may contain links to other third-party sites that are not subsidiaries of the company. We neither maintain nor promote any other similar web platform, and we have not authenticated or validated data that appears on the linked sites. By clicking on a hyperlink to connect to a linked website, a page can also appear with the logo, display the screen and additional information about the company that has been posted. It is also noted that the owner of the linked site does not support or affiliate with the company or its sponsors. You acknowledge that the Company and its sponsors are not compatible with the linked websites and are not associated with them and are not responsible for the content that appears on the linked sites.

We have no control over such information, and you understand and confirm that you agree.

(1) We do not accept this type of content or promote, including promotions and information about products and services from third-party work or employer announcements, interview data and salary forms provided anonymously by others.

(2) We do not assume any obligation as to the accuracy, relevance, suitability, reliability or quality of the information contained in the said content.

(3) We assume no responsibility for misleading, inaccurate, accidental, offensive or illegal information, content, etc., of the advertisers, users and other parties submitted.

Set of Conditions Applying to Advertisers

Special circumstances apply to all advertisers which include employers who buy job advertisements or display company/product ads. You may not have authorization and may not allow third parties to send ad data or use advertising data in ad networks, exchanges, data brokers or other individuals who do not act on your behalf or your campaigns. You may use the information you have specifically obtained from users by providing clear notices and consent of such users, and by complying with all relevant industrial laws and protocols, including those directly related to data protection.

Applying on GradSiren

Many publications in GradSiren allow you to complete and send your request directly through our channel. When you apply for GradSiren, we will forward your request to the most appropriate employer and ensure they receive the most relevant and detailed information about you. It is important to understand that GradSiren does not control the websites of employers and we cannot guarantee that your application will be reviewed.

Posting Jobs on GradSiren

Employers might not post any job listing that:

  • Does not comply with the applicable legal regulations where the job is to be executed.
  • Contains information that is not relevant to the applicant (i.e., false, misleading, etc.).
  • Contains any logo or brands, or link to websites, besides your own or those of any entity for which you are entitled and authorized to represent and post job ads.
  • Post multiple jobs under one ad.
House Rules

You are responsible for any and all Content that is posted through your account on GradSiren. By submitting your Content to GradSiren, you agree that you have reviewed and understood our Community Guidelines. You also understand that you might expose yourself to potential liability if your content or another usage of GradSiren violates these terms and conditions along with the applicable laws or any third-party rights.

You agree that you will not

  1. Imitate or copy another person along with their contact information.
  2. Add or create accounts with false intentions.
  3. Create or use an account for people other than yourself.
  4. Create multiple active accounts to post multiple criticisms (negative or positive) of the same company.
  5. Post false, defamatory, generally harmful or inaccurate content that you know is false or deceptive, or that does not reflect honest opinions or experiences.
  6. Use the current information that violates confidentiality and secrecy or other contractual restrictions or rights of third parties, including current or former employers and potential/future employers.
  7. Infringe copyright, patent, trade secret, registered trademark, privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or property rights of third parties.
  8. Publish, promote or facilitate obscene or pornographic sexual material or support the sexual or violent exploitation of human beings.
  9. Search for and collect personally identifiable information from minors.
  10. Use GradSiren for commercial activities including advertising and promotional activities, such as contests, raffles, advertising, affiliate links, barter, pyramid schemes and other forms of advertising.
  11. Include any advertising, association or endorsement by GradSiren of any kind without our express written permission.
  12. Use the software or automated agents in GradSiren or access GradSiren to generate automatic messages to create multiple accounts or use GradSiren data without our express written permission.
  13. Behave in a manner which is rude, racist or intolerant, or in any way that is not appropriate for civil discourse (as defined by GradSiren).
  14. Promote, describe, facilitate or support illegal activities.
  15. Post content that is an illegal property or that you do not have the right to publish the agreements in these terms and conditions.
  16. Violate these conditions, together with the provisions of other agreements you have made with us, the express prohibitions contained in our Community Guidelines or other applicable protocols, laws or regulations.
  17. Copy, create or modify GradSiren's works (including GradSiren content) derived from GradSiren without our express written permission.
  18. Sale, rental, lease or other use of the connection to GradSiren or GradSiren content without our express written permission.
  19. Interfere, modify, reverse engineer, interrupt or decompile the GradSiren information or services.

These terms and conditions will remain in effect for the duration of your account while using GradSiren and for registered users. We may suspend or terminate your account or access to any portion of GradSiren without notice if we believe you have violated any of these terms.

In addition, by entering content in GradSiren, you grant us an unlimited, perpetual, fixed, fully paid, royalty-free, non-exclusive license (including sub-license rights to unlimited sub-license levels) to use, visualize, copy, adapt and distribute such works. Content creation in any medium (now known or later developed) from around the world. No compensation will be paid for the content you publish through GradSiren. To the extent permitted by applicable law, you expressly waive any and all of your moral rights to GradSiren. Send only valid content to GradSiren, so that you recognize it and feel comfortable sharing it with others under these terms of use.

GradSiren reviews

All revisions are subject to the GradSiren review Guidelines. All publications undergo automatic validation and, if enabled, the secondary level. In cases where valuations have apparently been enforced, promoted, or otherwise sponsored, those reviews are eliminated. Likewise, you can't force employers to leave reviews. This includes requiring employees to prove to the employer that they have written a review, regardless of whether or not they contain the content of the review itself. If it is a multi-level, branch, and other hierarchical department, you agree that it has been reviewed and adhered to the GradSiren Guidelines for multi-level marketing companies.

Amendments to this Agreement and Changes to Sites

GradSiren has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by updating this page. The changes are binding for you at the time of publication on the website. Please note that any use of the website is considered acceptance of the updated Terms of Use on this website. If you believe that the terms of service are unacceptable, you will not be able to use the website. Please note that GradSiren specifically rejects any new terms or conditions that you have provided unless accepted by GradSiren in a signed agreement, which includes matters related to new or different terms. GradSiren can change the sites at any time.

Warranty Information/ Disclaimer



You acknowledge that the website may contain inaccuracies or other errors or materials that violate these Terms of Use. It also recognizes that third parties may make additions, deletions and unauthorized changes to the Site. The company strives to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the website but does not guarantee the integrity or correctness of the website. The "GradSiren" team will try to address your concerns as soon as possible and address them in the order in which they arrive.

You acknowledge that due to the complexity of the Internet there may be special inherent risks, which include, among others, the risk of personal injury. This may further include knowingly or unknowingly making contact with strangers and minors, or people acting under false pretenses, as well as the search for various types of relationships initiated on the Internet. In this case, you assume all the risks and responsibilities when dealing with other individuals with whom you had contact through the website.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content, information, and accuracy of any CV, workbook or other materials that you submit to the Site. Our company does not assume or guarantee that a summary or publication work is visible to a certain number of people or that a biographical note or work list is visible to each user. Please note that we are not considered an employer for your use of the Site, and we do not approve any hiring decisions made by any company that posts job offers or summaries on the Site.

Dispute Resolution

1. Applicable Law Please note that your contract and all disputes, claims or other legal actions that you are taking, including, but not limited to, claims or disputes of this Agreement or your GradSiren access or use, which is governed by law of the United States in the State of Florida, notwithstanding the rules of conflict of laws that otherwise prevent the direct or indirect use of the right to a separate jurisdiction. Please note that regarding claims, litigation or other legal actions, which are not subject to the following "arbitration agreement," claim or dispute related exclusively in the state courts located within Orange County, Florida or to the federal courts in the U.S District Court for the Middle District of Florida in the city of Orlando, FL.

2. Arbitration Agreement In the event that you reside outside the United States, in accordance with the arbitration exceptions below, you and GradSiren agree that all disputes between GradSiren and GradSiren users that arise or are in any way related to this Agreement and its use of GradSiren, such users must be settled by arbitration, as described in this section.

3. Copyright complaints Our company respects the intellectual property of others. Please note that GradSiren's policy is to react to intellectual property rights or infringe copyright. GradSiren investigates immediately and takes appropriate action in accordance with the Copyright Law of the United States("DMCA") and other applicable intellectual property laws to guarantee your claims. GradSiren can act quickly and completely to prevent access to the material or block, supposedly contrary to the law or hinders access to the reference or link to material or activity that is declared. Prohibit access for users with repeated violations.

Also, note that you are responsible for the damage (including costs and attorneys' fees) if you wrongly claim that the action infringes your copyright. After GradSiren send a response to the notification, whether to remove or disable access to the content of messages due to injuries, we will make all reasonable efforts to the owner or administrator of each site or contact the corresponding content writer.

You declare, acknowledge and agree that (a) you are at least 13 years of age or older and if you are under 18 years of age and older, according to your jurisdiction, which are the sites and services only under the supervision and guidance of a parent or other responsible adult; and (b) the sites are not intended to pretend or use (or plan, encourage or assist others in use) that are prohibited by these Terms of Use or applicable law. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the Sites is in accordance with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws.