GradSiren - Community Guidelines

Our Pledge

GradSiren aims to be the most trusted platform where candidates can search for careers and research prospective companies. Through these principles, we seek to provide a clear-cut, easy-to-navigate system that will create a bridge where both potential employees and employers can connect.

  • We do not change, edit or subtract content of reviews or comments written on our site platform, unless it violates the review publications.
  • We never filter or remove content because of ratings, either negative or positive.
  • All content receives the same level of review whether or not the content involves an employer/client of GradSiren.
  • To ensure security, email verification from an active email address is required for each user.
  • We utilize a dual-layer moderation process. The first is an automatic review check by our proprietary software to ensure all content matches site guidelines. Any content flagged will be further reviewed by one of our specialists. This software is also used to prevent any abuse or violations of site policy.
  • We aim to maintain neutrality in any disputes and vow to work with the facts and proceed from there.
  • Any content that seems sponsored, incentivized, or forced will be removed.
  • We affirm principles of free speech and each client is free to voice their opinion without fear.
  • All employers have the right to respond to a review and maintain that the employers will be given the final word on a review.
No Fake Accounts

All users are expected to reflect their own identity and only post authentic content accurately. Any suspicious content will be flagged, and users may be prohibited from the site.

Inappropriate Content

All inappropriate, violent, obscene or irrelevant content is forbidden. Any offensive content will be flagged for removal.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Any content that is a violation of intellectual rights is prohibited. All content that is not your own must receive proper attribution to its author.

Please note

  • GradSiren uses the term 'content' to describe reviews, compensation information, interview reviews, photos, comments, awards and other user-submitted information.
  • GradSiren uses the term 'jobseeker' to refer to any person who has delivered any work product to a company as described in the agreement between jobseeker and employers. Job seekers can fall into various categories such part-time, full-time, freelancers, subcontractors, interns, etc.
  • Furthermore, GradSiren utilizes the term 'employer' to describe the company or person that hires jobseekers and provides the opportunity for jobseekers to earn compensation. The term 'employer' may also be used to describe an official company representative; such as an HR professional or recruiter, along with a member of the company's senior leadership.
Photos guidelines

Photos are the best way of personalizing a company, allowing the candidate to have an inside look at your premises. We encourage photos of office exteriors, interiors, events, and other items that help jobseekers understand the company's culture better.

Please do not post

  • Screenshots.
  • Photos of marketing material, logos or websites.
  • Pictures of individuals.
  • Photos of patients in healthcare offices and other spaces.
  • Photos that document workplace violations or reveal confidential information.
  • Photos that do not have any relevance to the workplace.
  • Photo captions, unless they adhere to our Review Guidelines
Rewards Guidelines

Awards are a great way to showcase your company's success. We recommend you post awards that your company or division has received from upper management. We also welcome specific product awards as they reveal core information about a company. Note, we do not actively moderate awards, and if you find any that do not fit guidelines, please submit to us for further review.

Reviews Guidelines
  • Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure millions of users, both jobseeker's and employers can have a streamlined and successful experience.
  • Be truthful with your reviews and give honest experience with your employers. We remain neutral and seek to be a source of open communication.
  • Each user should write only one review, per employer, per month, per review type (e.g., company review, interview review, salary review, etc.).
  • Please strive to write balanced reviews (i.e., pros and cons) to help create a better and more informed experience for the community.
  • Feel free to name different individuals you worked within the company, as long as it pertains to relevant work performed including presidents, CEOs, and owners. This information helps make corporate culture clearer.
  • No negative reviews of individuals outside this group shall be permitted.
  • Occasionally, there are negative work experiences. Describing these is beneficial to both employers and job seekers, but we will not allow reviews that contain particular profanities, threats or discrimination.
  • We do not accept any content that reveals confidential company information including research and copyrighted content.
  • To maintain your privacy, we prohibit any information that may identify you in your posts.
  • GradSiren is about sharing information that benefits the platform community. We will reject any content that is not relevant to an employer, product or service, as well as any advertising or content with an external link.
  • All reviews should be your own - do not quote from other sources including other reviews, email exchanges, and other websites.
  • We do not expect perfect writing just understandable. Please take care to maintain adequate spelling and grammar standards.

Be Honest: Do not stretch details to try to fit your point and do not exaggerate. If you cannot support your claim with evidence, then leave it out.

Refer to Your Exact Experience: Don't be general. Talk specifically about communication, interactions and so on. This personal information helps people get a better understanding of company culture.

Write in complete sentences: Your review will be more effective if you utilize full sentences rather than fragments. Be specific and express complete ideas.

Be Clear and Concise: Stick to the point. You don't need to go overboard with detail, just write enough so that the reader will be informed.

Be Interesting: You don't have to be better than television, but write in such a way that the reader is engaged and wants to learn more. We do not require a specific format, just express yourself in a way that will keep that reader attentive until the end.

Proofread: You likely spent a good amount of time thinking about this review and drafting it. So take the time to double check it. Spelling and grammar mistakes will make the reader less inclined to trust your opinion.

Refrain from profanity

Comments with certain profanity will be automatically removed. Those with other curse words will be reviewed. Overall, profanity does not help your review so only use it if necessary.

Guidelines for Proper Employer Response

Employers should respond in ways outlined in the guidelines for reviews, with the exception that employers are permitted to add their contact info and pertinent URLs. (This would include any company policies, hotlines to report any ethics and compliance issues.)

Specifically, we ask employers:

  • Act courteously and professionally.
  • Do not include any names, especially whoever you believe wrote a review.
  • Refrain from making any retribution claims.

Please note that GradSiren does moderate employer responses. Therefore, if the response does not meet the guidelines, it will be removed, and you will receive notification.

Important Information

Honest reviews are the foundation of GradSiren, and we encourage everyone to submit relevant and appropriate reviews. We will remove positive reviews anytime we believe we have proof that a person was compensated or coerced into leaving a review. A proponent of anonymity, GradSiren doesn't allow any employer to ask anyone to prove about their postings on GradSiren.

We expect all of our users to adhere to these guidelines, as well as GradSiren's Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. GradSiren may remove a review or response for any reason at any time. The reviews approved and posted on GradSiren are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of GradSiren users and not of

If you see something on GradSiren which you think is in violation, you should flag it for our review. We will address it and make a decision; we do not accept or return phone calls. Remember that simply flagging something doesn't mean it will be removed. We have a diverse community; what offends one person may not offend others.

All users should understand we maintain these same policies of review for all content regardless of whether or not this concerns employers or job seekers. Ultimately, all decisions relating to content is at our discretion and are non-negotiable.