Tesla Internship Program Overview

This organization is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Elon Musk. While based in Palo Alto, CA, the organization employs in excess of 13,000 employees spanning four continents. Tesla broke ground on its Gigafactory in Nevada, in 2014.

Four years later, its massive battery production elevated the Gigafactory to the ‘highest-volume battery plant in the world.’ Musk is determined to help the world reduce its carbon footprint.

As a world-class organization, Tesla strives to hire and develop top students all year long! These are available in the US and around the world.

Those who receive an internship will have the opportunity to work on many challenging and interesting projects alongside fulltime employees. Internship assignments are filled based on the organization’s needs and vary every year.

Tesla carefully screens all resumes; they are looking for the cream of the crop. High-performing interns may very well receive an offer for full-time employment post-graduation.


To be considered for an internship, students must be in good academic standing and should be either an undergrad or graduate student.

Tesla is looking for candidates with technical backgrounds in most types of engineering automotive, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical as well as manufacturing and robotics.

However, they also have a need for those with non-technical skills, such as accounting, finance, HR, marketing and sales.

Compensation / Benefits

Unpaid Internship

Tesla Internship Program

3500 Deer Creek Road

Palo Alto, CA US

  • Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
  • No. of Interns Required: 40 to 50