location Lake Bluff , IL

Industry Type(s): Hospital & Health Care

Abbott Overview

Abbott is a global leader in life-altering healthcare, by manufacturing advanced products giving the consumer the ability to have more freedom to live their lives. Abbott’s goal is to help in producing better diagnostics and medical devices to over 150 countries.

Their mission is to make living each day a little easier while living the best life possible.

They are committed to manufacturing healthcare devices and medicine that keep you nourished and healthy at any age.

As the world quickly evolves Abbott is determined to make a difference and create new life-altering technology options by putting science to the test and creating numerous possibilities and providing better healthcare solutions for consumers to be able to live their lives to the fullest of their ability.

Abbott wants to make an impact on healthcare as we know it.


Lake Bluff , IL

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Lake Bluff , Illinois , IL , 60044 , United States


Hospital & Health Care

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