Centre for Policy Research

Centre for Policy Research


location South West Delhi , DL

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Centre for Policy Research Overview

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) was among India's major public policy think tanks since 1973.  The Centre is a nonprofit, independent association devoted to conducting research that leads to a stronger public discourse concerning the structures and procedures that shape life in India. 

CPR's community of distinguished academics and professionals reflects views from a number of areas and throughout the political spectrum.  Senior college collaborate with over 50 young professionals and professors in CPR and also partners across the world to explore subjects critical to India's future.  CPR engages about five broad topics: financial policy; ecological regulation and governance; global relations and safety; regulation, regulation, and also the nation; and urbanization.

To learn more, see our site: www.cprindia.org

Centre for Policy Research
Centre for Policy Research

South West Delhi , DL

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Malcha Marg , South West Delhi , Delhi , DL , 110021 , India



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