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DocuSign Overview

DocuSign Inc. is an American based international corporation that was founded in San Francisco, California and by Tom Gonser, Court Lorenzini and Eric Ranft. In 2003, Docusign was established originally to have the overall goal to provide e-signature.

Tom Gonsor was prior CEO of NetUpdate, a company that he had founded around 1998. In Seattle there was a small startup named DocuTouch, established by Mir Hajmiragha. With support from other sources Gonser and Lorenzini, they had persuaded the purchase of DocuTouch and NetUpdate assets and started what we know today as Docusign.

They are there to assist the entire process, sign on to finish and the “touching up” your project. Within this, DocuSign also includes eSignature, a digital way to sign within our application on most devices. The support for iPads, iPhones and any device that required phone-based user authentication was started in June of 2010.

Making it virtually possible for about any device to access the software application. The application is free of charge but the DocuSign services require a monthly subscription.

Any documents and signatures that are uploaded are encrypted and checked. If all looks satisfactory within the document and nothing has been tampered with DocuSign will not match the data stored, therefore alarming the owner of the document.

Over 20 billion papers and 608,000 containers of oil have been reserved by the company in order to be eco-friendly and avoid wasting. Within this, DocuSign has ultimately made a successful corporation and business with their service software.


San Francisco , CA

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