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Dominos Overview

Domino's Pizza, Inc. AKA Domino's is an American Multinational chain of restaurant known for its American-Italian cuisine. The corporation was founded in 9th December 1960 and headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino's operates both company-owned stores & franchise stores. Other than Italian-style pizzas this restaurant also sells Chicken wings, Dessert, Pasta and Submarine sandwiches.

It is one of the leading chains of restaurants with more than 2,90,000 employees worldwide. 

Domino's menu changes with the country and its food-style. In the United State, Domino's menu includes many American-Italian style cuisine and side dishes. Even though Domino's sells many different food items, Pizza is the primary focus of this brand. Pizza Hut provides customised pizzas, that can easily be customised as per the requirements of the customer. Here one can but pizzas of different crust flavours and 3 different sizes. Other than chicken, desserts and other beverages, Pizza Hut also sells oven-baked sandwiches, pasta and bread bowls. So as to ensure the efficiency of delivery, till the 1990's the menus of Dominos was pretty simple as compared to other restaurants. Slowly Domino's started including different cuisines in the menu and the customer response is received to the same was very good.  

In the year 1960, Tom Monaghan and his brother, James purchased an existing pizza store, Dominick's. After eight months, James traded his half of the business to Tom. By 1965, Tom Monaghan had purchased two additional pizzerias and became the owner of three stores. Jim Kennedy, one of his employees suggest the name Domino's casually, Tom loved the name and this is how 'Dominick's' became 'Domino's Pizza Inc.' in 1965. 

The company logo originally had three dots, representing the three stores in 1965. The idea was to add a new dot with the inauguration of every new store however, it did go well with the rapid growth of the brand. In 1983, Domino's opened its 100th store, its first in Vancouver, Washington. Today the corporation has more than 16,000 stores across the geographics and became one of the best restaurant chains.


Ann Arbor , MI

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