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IBM Overview

International Business Machines Corp, or IBM, provides computer solutions through technology support, process design, cloud networking, and developing the digital workspace through innovative strategy.

IBM is defined by a deep, longstanding commitment to its clients, specializing in fields such as data analysis, data security, hybrid cloud, AI leadership, and open source technology. Throughout IBM's leadership initiatives, IBM ranks #1 in almost all aspects of computer technology.

Forty-seven of Fortune's top 50 companies rely on IBM hybrid cloud, topping $19 billion in 2018. Over 20,000 clients engage with IBM's AI Watson brand across 20 industries, and IBM security manages over 70 billion Cybersecurity systems per day in over 130 countries.

Since 1911, IBM focuses as a significant research operation, relying on metrics to measure their corporate responsibility efforts and expertise growth. Through consistent engagement with its 350,000 employees, IBM has earned recognition for global commitment, diversity, sustainability, and environmental impact throughout the world.

At IBM, innovators make progress, whether it's through the application of AI intelligence, its cloud networking, its research into sustainability against climate change, or its infrastructure for supporting businesses all over the globe. Most of all, though, IBM is powered by its people, working towards progressive action to improve the lives of the general public worldwide.


New York , NY

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New York , NY , 10022 , United States


Information Technology and Services

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