India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)

India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)


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India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) Overview

 Of India for accelerated development of grid technology in the Indian electricity industry. 

The primary goals of ISGF are:
•    To assist the Indian electricity industry deploy smart grid technology in a highly efficient, cost effective, innovative and scalable fashion by bringing together all key stakeholders and enabling technology.
•    To make a platform for both public and private stakeholder associates, research associations and electricity utilities to swap thoughts and information on smart grids and create use case scenarios for India.
•    To bring together specialists from policy, regulation, and also the corporate sector to construct support for intelligent grid policies. 
•    To conduct research about the capacities of smart grids from the Indian context through case studies, cost-benefit investigation, study of technological progress in renewable energy resources and other ancillary activities.
•    to produce recommendations to the Government, Regulators, Utilities and Consumers via reports, white papers, technical conferences, etc..

Mandate of ISGF would be to advise government on programs and policies for marketing of Smart Grids in India, operate together with national and global agencies in criteria development and to assist utilities, regulators and the Business in technology choice, training and capability building.

ISGF has over 200 members covering ministries, government associations, utilities, regulators,technology providers, non-profit businesses, research and educational institutions and pupils in renowned institutes.  

India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)
India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)

South West Delhi , DL

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Chanakya Puri , South West Delhi , Delhi , DL , 110021 , India


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