Pharma Instinct

Pharma Instinct


location Chandigarh , CH

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Industry Type(s): Human Resources

Pharma Instinct Overview

Pharma-Instinct Pvt.Ltd is a Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Food research and development company established in the year 2011. The company is headquartered in Chandigarh and provides processing and innovations in biotech, Pharma and food companies. Pharma-Instinct Pvt.Ltd focuses on all aspects of Technology Transfer, Technology Development and Clinical Research. The company works in the direction of providing world-class services to the food, Biotech and pharma companies and many research institutes.

With a vision of bringing innovative ideas on the table of their clients, Pharma-Instinct Pvt.Ltd is consistently working for the betterment of pharma, food and biotech sector. The company deals with Clinical Research (All Phases of Clinical Trials), Technology Development, Skill Development, Research Data on Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Extracts, Ayurvedic Products & other Food Items and Validating Health Claims by Generating Clinical Trial. The company has a team of scientists and professionals providing solutions for scientific problems in the same field. The firm takes up projects on any type of clinical and preclinical development aspects including safety studies, concept studies and human clinical trials. 

The company believes that innovation is vital for the growth of any kind of organization and it can happen irrespective of its size. Keeping up the same vision Pharma-Instinct Pvt.Ltd has become the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. Today, the company has started utilising all the high-tech machines and technology for the development of its products.

Pharma Instinct
Pharma Instinct

Chandigarh , CH

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Sector 9 (Chandigarh) , Chandigarh , CH , 160009 , India


Human Resources

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1 -50 Employee

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Public Company