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Westat Overview

Westat, Inc. provides market research and consulting services for United States national, state, and local government clients, as well as businesses and organizations. With offices located in five US states and international offices in Costa Rica, South Africa, and Thailand, Westat provides data management, evaluation, statistical research, and marketing communications to improve lives, helping clients improve social outcomes across various industries. Its focus areas include behavioral health, health policy, education, public health, transportation, and clinical trials. Since 1963, Westat has pioneered through constant adaptation to client engagement to support the ever-changing needs of the global economy.

A unique aspect of Westat involves its relationship with its employees, as each employee, through its Employee Stock Ownership Program, owns a percentage of the company's stock ad share in its profits. Through allowing its 1,200 employees across the United States to own parts of its stock, the company develops an engaging relationship with both its employees and clients. Operating for over 50 years, the company has partnered with companies such as Pew Research Center to research areas of technology and data collection. It has squired companies such as Edvance Research and Fenestra to enhance its research capabilities.


Rockville , MD

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Rockville , Maryland , MD , 20850 , United States



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